machine fully steel manufactured, while the inner components are PVC and stainless steel made.
The parts most subject to corrosion are protected by a coat of special non-scratch, acid-resistant paint.
The work cycle is shown on an LCD liquid crystal display, which gives constant readout of the following data:
– plate forward speed adjustable between 0 to 1.5 m/sec;
– development bath temperature control;
– replenishment quantity setting;
– dryer temperature setting;
– gumming function;
– plate counter.
The SV3000 computer displays and indicates when chemical and gumming products require topping up, as well as any faults
or anomalies occurring in plate processing or in the electrical components.
The developing section has been specifically designed for the extreme sensitivity of CTP plates: extra long and large tank,
twin brush, development circulation configured to prevent the undesirable “wave” effect, constant bath temperature assured by a
powerful cooling unit and a dynamic heater (assembled in line with the development flow), in-line micro filter.
The EURO CTP is equipped with twin squeeze tank with drain and overflow devices designed in total compliance with the most
stringent environmental regulations.
Special attention has been paid to assure simple maintenance – in fact one of the hallmarks of the EURO CTP is the ease with which
the operator can reach any mechanical component during routine servicing operations.
The EURO CTP is also prearranged for coupling at any time to our ecological flush water recycling unit NIAGARA and the STACKER,
made to suit the different sizes of the EURO CTP.

Euro 86 CTP Art. 0735

Euro 110 CTP Art. 0720

Euro 140 CTP  Art. 0725

MAXIMUM PLATE WIDTH 85 cm 108 cm 138 cm
MINIMUM PLATE LENGHT 61 – 31(*) cm 51 cm61 – 31(*) cm 61 – 31(*) cm
POWER SUPPLY 220 V – 50/60 Hz 220 V – 50/60 Hz 220 V – 50/60 Hz
WATER CONNECTION 3/4 “ 3/4 “ 3/4 “
WATER DRAIN UNIT diam 32 mm. diam 32 mm. diam 32 mm.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 2685x1435x1050(h) cm 3160x1660x1050(h) cm 3655x1970x1050(h) cm
PACKING DIMENSIONS 155x185x158 cm 180x195x158 cm 211x206x158 cm
NET WEIGHT 350 Kg 400 Kg 480 Kg
GROSS WEIGHT 440 Kg 480 Kg 560 Kg

(*) Optional