This range includes a special series of machines that increase the selection of plate processors in our production and allows us to offer our distributors the possibility to create
personalised units.
It is the result of the experience and dedicated constant commitment to research of new technological solutions.
EURO line is produced in different sizes: 63 cm., 86 cm.,110 cm and 140 cm.
Manufactured in all steel construction with internal parts in PVC and stainless steel.
The parts that are most subjected to corrosion are finished with acid resistant and non-scratch paint.
The work cycle is shown on a LCD liquid crystal display, on which the following functions are constantly visualized:
Plate feed rate, adjustable from 0 to 1,5 cm/sec.
Adjustable development bath temperature
Adjustable set replenishment quantity
Adjustable dryer temperature
Gum quantity
SV 3000 computer visualises and signals when chemistry and gum need to be replenished and also shows any breakdown or defect of the plate on its way through the machine.
This also applies to electrical parts.
The complete work cycle includes the following sequence:
immersion throught developing, washing, gumming and drying. All the machines are equipped with a double developer residue tank and a separate overflow drainage outlet, in
compliance with the most stringent environmental standards.
The cooling unit to maintain correct development bath temperature under any climatic conditions is incorporated to all EURO versions.
At any time the machine can be connected to the water recirculation unit model NIAGARA.

Euro 86 Art. 0735

Euro 110 Art. 0720

Euro 140 Art. 0725

MAXIMUM PLATE WIDTH 85 cm 108 cm 138 cm
MINIMUM PLATE LENGHT 51 cm 51 cm 51 cm
POWER SUPPLY 220 V – 50/60 Hz 220 V – 50/60 Hz 220 V – 50/60 Hz
WATER CONNECTION 3/4 “ 3/4 “ 3/4 “
WATER DRAIN UNIT diam 32 mm. diam 32 mm. diam 32 mm.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 2685x1435x1050(h) cm 3160x1660x1050(h) cm 3655x1970x1050(h) cm
PACKING DIMENSIONS 155x185x158 cm 180x195x158 cm 211x206x158 cm
NET WEIGHT 350 Kg 400 Kg 480 Kg
GROSS WEIGHT 440 Kg 480 Kg 560 Kg